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Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Dueling Darlings Time!:o)

* Who are the Dueling Darlings? - you may ask - *
...and I couldn't sum it up any better than my friend Kelly, whose colorful lines below I cut and ...
so please read on my friends:
The Dueling Darlings are a group of friends from SCS that swap cards and beyond and formed a new group called the Dueling Darlings! Divided into Group A and B, which wasn't a cool name so we are now the Divas and the Dazzlers, have a montly rotating hostess kit that goes out to make cards! The Divas have one card kit to work with, while the Dazzlers have another! It's fun to see what we "duel" up in cardstock, papers and wonderful images!

MiamiKel4, Kelly - August
Ms.earlgrey, Joan - September
momcgw, Carol - October
Barbaralynn, Barb - November
Laurajean, LJ - December
JAM123, Judy - January
Cricket, 3571 Jamie - February

Forest Ranger, Jeanette - August
Meplyant, Melina -September
LilDj, Debbie - October
Pattem, Michelle - November
Terry0926, Terry - December
Sama, Paola - January
Aprilo, April - February
......and now let's talk about this month card kit sent to the Dazzlers from our own dazzling Debbie ,affectionatly called lil dj amongst our friendly stampers' group.
The theme for this month was Treasured Friends and all of we partecipants needed to include a mistery item of our choice to our card. Such item must be something recycled or bought second hand... in short, it just cannot be a brand new item! Since I strongly believe in the power of reduce,reuse,recycle, I absolutly loved the theme chosen! :o)
The awesome,generous kit sent by lil dj contained the following :
SU image : My Matryoska
D/P from Kaiser Karft : Mumma Bushka-Msha n Mumma Bushka-Inka
Embellishments : SU red and navy grosgain ribbons, SU navy button,
                         two red hearts byCreative Impressions ,
                         one red flower from Prima Marketing
The mistery item I chose to use for this month DDD card is the green netting that was holding a bunch of yummy avocadoes :o)
Other deets I included : SU green  bazzil c/s, MS lattice punch , flower punch , dimentionals, SU markers.
I intended to use the full d/p buska image on it,therefore I also needed a larger card format .
My square card measures 6x6 inches. What do you think? Too big???????
Thanks for visiting my friends,
please make sure to pay a visit to each Darlings blogs or galleries ,and feast on their wonderfully creative talents!!  *have a GREAT's Friday!!~~~wooot!~~~~* :o)


*Click on pictures if you wish to enlarge*


April said...

Holy Cannoli!
That is just gorgeous! What a beautiful card. I love how you used that ribbon behind behind the flower!!

Michelle said...

Wow! Sweet P...what an awesome card. Love the looped ribbon!

Melina said...

I love the netting!
Sweet P! We had the same idea using the patterned paper doll!!!! Love your card ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You go girl...great idea for your mystery item. LOVE IT...this positively amazes me...great card and awesome layout...I love the little flower in the corner with the ribbon petals...way to go!!

Barb said...

Paola--incredible!!!! What a fantastic card. Love the layout, the colors and the treasure you used. You ROCKED this challenge!

MiamiKel said...

Bravo, bravo! This is unbelievable, Sweet P! What a treasure indeed and a perfect addition to this smashing card! JUST WOW, WOW and WOW some more! Love it!

dweatter said...

Sweet P!!! What an incredible card. The green netting is a wonderful treasure. I love how you cut out the individual dolls and put them on the card. What a patient person you are!!! The layered flower at the bottom is wonderful. Love how you used the navy ribbon. You creative genius, you!!!!

Jamie Sanchez said...

Very clever use of the netting Sweet P! This is a fabulous creation! ;)

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

WOWzer!!! Your card just blows me away....... it is FANTASTIC!!! Funny thing is, I bought a bag of avacados this week and had already stashed the bag away in my Hideout, thinking I could use it on a card someday. Great minds think alike! ;)

I love the way you cut out all the dolls, including the one on the DP. And wow... the flower treatment in the corner is beautiful!!!

Awesome job!!!!!!!!!

Terry Ladwig said...

Wow..very cool Wingpit sistah!! Love the way you cut out the dolls....I thought about doing that too but opted out because I didn't want to mess up!!

Judy McMullen said...

WOW! You never cease to amaze me, Sweet P, with your gorgeous creations! I love your "treasured" recycled element of the netting. You are the master at using recycled elements on your cards!! Love how you cut the images and placed them on the card. The flower with the ribbon loops is awesome!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Laura Jean (LJ) said...

This as absolutely amazing Paola! Such a creative way to use the image by separating them out. And I'm totally in LOVE with the embellishment in the lower right hand corner.......

Lorie said...

Woah! Awesome, Sweet P.! I had to really study your card to find the netting. You added it in so beautifully, and just became a perfect element in your card! Very well done!!!

:: BlueInks :: said...

Beautiful card, Ms P! I love the netting. I used some netting from a ham (it was black) and have stashed some avacado netting as well! You did a great job on this card.

:: BlueInks :: said...

Just had to comment verification word for my previous comment was UNDIES. That Blogger!

T.. said...

Mi piacciono troppo le matrioske!!!
dove li hai comperati?.-)))

Fabipasticcio said...

Wowwwwwwwwwww I love the ribbons and the colors and the flower with the litle heart is simply gorgeous...please explain you secrets!

Nancy said...

Wow, I love it :) especially what you did with the netting, way to go girl!!