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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's In a Name?

I'm sure all of you thought long and hard, before deciding on a perfect name for your blog,
and,of course, it was just as hard for me. In fact ,at one point in time when I was toying with
blog name ideas I thought to seek my Forest's Friends' help on SCS -
a wonderful group of  VERY chatty ladies with Jeanette as the leader of the -
(You never knew this Jeanette, but it sure went through my mind there for a while;
I  also know I would have been given great suggestions too! :o)
Of course I though of naming it 'Sweet P.' too (a cute nickname that quickly stuck, given to me by one of the sistahs in the 'hood -In fact I believe it was gifted to me by the amazing Susan F.
'Allegra' also popped on my mind as a very strong name contender.
It means happy,bright,cheerful,merry. I like it because it sounds so positive,and also
because my hubby thought it suited my personality when he helped me pick it
as part of my e-mail address a few years ago ...:o)
Another one I seriously pondered on was 'Nonna Paola's Stamping Grounds' (nonna means grandma ,in italian)
There were quite a few other blog names possibilities that only lasted a few minutes in my head.
And then IT struck me! It happened about two weeks ago,in the middle of one of my sleepless night...As easy as A,B,C it  just popped in my head! Of course! 'That's Amore!'
I liked it, I really,REALLY liked it! It simply means 'That's Love!' 
That lil phrase embraces so many possibilities,I will mention just a few,in fact just the three closest to my heart:
first, the love for my family and the wonderful happiness and joy when I think of my beautiful wonderful grandchildren
(in fact ,the main large hearts on my blog heading/title represents each one of them...)
It definetly also covers my never ending love for the Almighty and my faith in general,which dearly sustains me on days when ,sometimes, I doubt my own strengh.
That's Amore also summerizes the patriotic love for the country of my birth -which is Italy- its food,its people,its amazing arts, and its way of truly savouring life in general ; as well, my patriotic love for this adopted country which is Canada,
this magnificent land full of so many natural resources and possibilities just ready for the grabbing. It was also here,in Canada,that I found the true love of my life. Red,White and Green:the italian flag; Red and White:the canadian flag.
Together,they are combined in a fusion of dual cultures and colors, and both will be cherished and remain in my heart forever.
And lastly,of course IT also covers my absolute passion for cardmaking eh! :o)

*Click to enlarge*
Made this card several month ago for a swap whose hostess (Kelly Bella) challenged us to make a card that depicted where we are from. I thought it would go perfectly with this latest post don't U agree?... I hope U like it :o)
(Unfortunatly, in my feverished state at that time, I taped down il TRICOLORE (italian flag) upside down - It suppose to be green,white and then red...*arghhhh me*


ivana said...

Dear P.!
I think you decided on the best name!!!
Thanks for the beautiful can write very well with feeling and humor!
Un saluto dalla tua Terra!!

Imke said...

Hello Sweet P !! Thanks for visting my blog-i was so happy to "see" you again my dear !! Congrats on your new blog and the name fits perfect.

Your cards are perfect for this theme. Really beautiful !!

Hugs to you !!

April said...

These cards really speak of you. And, I believe that you named your blog perfectly - reflects you to a T!!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Awesome post, Sweet P! I love how you explained your name choice...and I do think it is the perfect name for your Blog!!! And those hearts, representing your grandchildren... how precious!

Your card is truly a work of art, too!

And look at you.......... badges and fun in your sidebar! Love it... love you!!!!!!!!!

MiamiKel said...

Check you out! OMGOsh, and you were not going to make a blog! It's so fun in here! You are rockin' the sidebars, putting up posts, I need a glass of wine and I'll be all set! LOVE IT!!!! U R 2 fun, Sweet P!

Now your card .... gahhhhh! I was so excited to see this - truly does not do justice on line, I will keep it forevah and evah as it is that stunning IRL - perfect, so *you!* and just festive and all things lovely about you and your hometown! x0x0

Fabipasticcio said...

The perfect name for you and for whatever you want to do!
You put love at the first place and the positive energy flows.
Your cards are so beautiful! A true artist.
Hugs and kisses

Lorie said...

You are and will always be our Sweet P., but as for your blog, you definitely chose the perfect name. It suits everything about our wonderful Y-O-U!

Your card is fantastic, and I love ya bunches!

Nancy said...

I love the name you chose :) of course tho, we all know your middle name is Allegra!

~Paola~ said...

LOL..noooo Nancy...'allegra' is not my middle name at's actually Alberta...after my paternal grandfather :o)
'allegra' is,however,the main part of my e-mail address..:o) *muwahhh*