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Saturday, September 18, 2010

No More Teasing :o)

Here I am once again....this time unveiling what the mistery picture was all about...

It's my better half and myself on our Wedding Day.
We were presented with this amazing quilt/wall hanger ,on our 40th Surprise Anniversary party
last December,where our kids did such an incredible job making sure we had an unforgettable ,wonderful day!....more about that will take place at a later time...and I will include all the details,from invites,to favours, to centerpieces,cake will be amazed too,especially since most of it was done using one of my favorite stamp from SU! Do you think that I am going to leave ya with another suspensful tease??
You betch ya!!
And now on to show you the whole quilt,which I refuse to use it to decorate a wall and collect dust...oh became what I affectionally refer to  'my love blanket'; it wraps me daily ,especially after a hard working day. I feel surrounded by my loved ones all at once,every single time. It truly is amazing all the work involved into making it...such a labour of love it is! One of my long time friends -then my babysitter- made this,and used my most favorite colors,the richness of the deep reds and burgundies,forest greens and fern greens,interlaced with supple fiery orange and soft yellow....what a wonderful,rich,warm colors,don't you agree? Mirella has such a gift and flair for sewn pieces of art ,and each of her handmade creations are so fantastically unique. Here it is la  mia 'coperta dell'amore' 'love blanket'.That's Amore eh!
 Feast your eyes my friends,click on picts for better viewing and enjoy!
PS...luv ya !


April said...

Oh my....I feel all of the love put into your quilt Paola!!! How wonderful to share so much and be surrounded by that love when they cannot be giving you the huggs you crave!
And, I need to apologize that I thought the picture was your look about 20, so I would never have thought you'd been married 40 years!!
Huggz, MDF!

ivana said...

Ciao Paola!!!
Glad to read you...and to see your parents on the quilt!!!
Davvero un bellissimo regalo...che ti riscalda!
We are waiting for our 4. grandchild!!!
Ci fa piacere, anche se ci sentiamo stanchi e pieni di ansia!!!

Salutami i tuoi cari!

*Susan* said...

WOW! How beautiful! Such a labor of love, indeed, and a testament to the love your friend has for the two of you! I'm so glad you use it rather than hiding it away in a box or, as you say, hanging on a wall to gather dust. After all, the more it's used, the more love it finds! {{HUGS}}

Lorie said...

What a beautiful piece of work! Good for you to use it and enjoy all the specialness of it. This is such a wonderful gift, and one that keeps on giving! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Terry Ladwig said...

What a beautiful gift to have received! I wouldn't hang it either!!

kadie said...

This quilt is absolutely stunning! What a treasure! And look at you Miss Thang! Gorgeous wedding photo!!
Sweet P, we have to get together! I long to see your bright smiley face and hug you IRL!! MUAH MUAH MUAH

Nancy said...

I love it :) so glad you are using it too!

Welcome also, to blogland :)