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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sushi Anyone?

 Evening readers!
I thought that I would show U a few picts of our day.....(see previous post)
We had lunch at Sushi Mori Rest. in Coquitlam . I love the place for its decor
and usually good service...Today I was somewhat disappointed
because none of the waitresses were wearing their usual colored
japanese garb...just wondering if they introduced an all black attire
now? :o( the service, today, wasn't as great as I remembered.
We all opted to order bentos lunches (usually the best bargain in all japanese eateries)
Truthfully, I think we should have explored more original and exotic items from their menus.
Sheila and I started with an assortment of gyoza appetizers first...not too bad ,
but I do prefer mine much more crispier and not too 'wet' looking underneath each gyoza 'belly' :o)
Overall I think the company is what the day was mostly all about and in that aspect
I would say it turned out 100%  wonderful. Witty,smart, fab great gals, each one with just
the right amount of craziness too...*wink* What a nice bunch!
(of course we didn't quite realized we also had a monkey mama amongst us!)
But that's another I would never write about....LOL
Wonderful day, from beginning to end...and that's all folks! *smile*


:: BlueInks :: said...

What a wonderful day you had. Much deserved. Thanks, for sharing!

Fabipasticcio said...

Beautiful benthos for beautiful gals! great day for sure! I love your new hairdo!

April said...

Friends and family always make the best memories!!

ivana said...

Ciao Paola!!!
I see, it was funny!!!
Belle ragazze, davvero!!!

~Paola~ said...

'Morning, and thank you girls,
we had a good time:o)
Fabiana,it's not a new hairdo
just my curly hair left in their
natural state instead of flatten them w/the iron lol
Only the color is much darker now,I let my hairdresser experiment on me as she
Now that is trust eh!:o)

MiamiKel said...

Ohhhhhhhh so very sweet, what a lovely bunch of beauties! How fun to go out with the girls and enjoy a celebratory lunch! Woohoo! I, too, was going to ask about your new hair - i love it in that style, very young and chic! Blessings to you my friend xoxo