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Friday, June 28, 2013

Calendar Girls x TWO

    Hello everyone!
 have TWO cards for the Calendar Girls today...
My apologies for being a month late with my May card...but, alas, here it is! :o)
Last May hostess was April and she encoraged us to create cards with something we' re hoping to
achieve over the summer.  Here's the request in her own words:

" My theme is easy - I would like you each to make a card representing one thing you hope to accomplish over the summer. It could be a garden, a vacation, a weight loss, whatever, BUT you do have to tell us what you are hoping to accomplish!"

Well, there are sooooooooooooooooo many things I truly NEED to primis reorganizing and decluttering my whole house!! 

(I can't believe how much I let it go in the last few months!! *insert red face here*)
However I do not own any stamps or images showing 'cluttering' LOL...therefore the next best thing I REALLYYYY hoped it would happen over the summer, was to go on a cruise to Alaska with my hubby, again. is actually going to happen!!!!!! I booked a cruise less than a month ago and YES we are leaving next month and this time for TWO whole weeks cruising all the way up to Anchorage! ♥
It is the holiday both hubby and I need for sure! This is 'our own true Christmas' in July! 
Again, I do not own a stamp depicting a ship...but I thought that this one -from Stamping Up-would give the general idea with the open sea, seagulls and all...and, of course ,like the sentiment shows, we will have good times...heck GREAT time!  :o)
Thank you APRIL for a great challenge!!! ♥

My second card was created for the current calendar month 
hosted by Debbie

She sent us all a stamp with which to create our card and the above sentiment stamp is the one I got in the mail from her all the way from Alaska...Thanks Deb! ♥
The requirements for the June theme,suggested by Debbie are: 

1. At least two layers.

2. You must use the $1 stamp you receive, on the card. However since the $1 stamps are small you can use background stamps or other stamps to create a background, and sentiment stamps of your own on your card as well. But I would like the $1 stamp to be the focal point.

3. If you have any buttons, ribbons, or other embellishments that you bought for $1 or less, embellishments that were gifted to you, or recycled items, please use those products to embellish the card.

Well, this one was a harder challenge then last CG card, for
I had a visual of the card I wanted to create, using a Bella stamp and tranforming it into
a  'carefree and rocking it' kind of gal... I think I am ok with the end result...

You can clearly see the Bella stamp I used (in part only) as well as how I came up with the guitar idea...
The designer paper for this card is aptly called 'Rockstar'  mat stack by DCWV. The whole stack
of 4.5 x 6.5 was bought at a stamping garage sale couple summers ago for less than a dollar.
The 'diamonds' were a gift and they came in pkg like ready to cut up 'material' and the b&w candy floss was a sale item at Michael a while back, while the button is a lonley leftover from a depleted pkg.
Ohhh and I doubt it very much that I would fussy cut a Bella again, anytime soon! ppffffffftttttt!

THANKS for a great June challenge DEBBIE!!

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!! 3:10 AM HERE and this chick is off to la-la land!


Terry Ladwig said...

Wow WPS, both of these cards are awesome! the colors and image you used! the Bella and how you cut her out and placed her on the star!

Great job all around!! So glad you are a Calendar Girl!

Linda said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! What perfect paper to go with your stamp. I love your Bella, she's ready to rock all night. Great card, Paola.

MiamiKel said...

Oh my, your Bella card is truly rockin! Hoe creative to repurpose her to fit the star! Love the softness of the first ...ohhh I want to be on that boat, too :). Blessings!

Barb said...

Great Cards Paola--I think they both are so cute!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

WOW! TWO amazing cards... love them both... but gotta say, that Rock Star one is just popping!

Carol W said...

Both cards are awesome and absolutely perfect...I'm so glad you and DH are going to be able to "cruise" good for both of you..Love your rock star card as well...great color comob and am loving the guitar...Great job on both challenges..So glad we are Calendar girls together my friend...♥

Darlene said...

Both cards are fantastic!! The ship card captures the freedom & relaxation that your cruise should provide!
The rock star card is funky and fun! You captured the essence of the stamp perfectly!

Hugs & Blessings!

:: BlueInks :: said...

First, I am so glad that you do not own 'cluttering' stamps. I would be worried!

Second, I love the colors and the layout that you used on the sailboat card. Very serene.

Third, you will have a great time on your cruise! I think I see a little 'meeting' of someone in your future in Anchorage. Fun!

Fourth, the rock card is so cute. Just perfect for tween or teen. You really 'rocked' the challenge!

dweatter said...

Sweet P your cards are fabulous! Love the colors on the sailboat card and the three strips of different colored paper.

And Wowza! On the $1 stamp card. I love the Bella sitting on the layered stars with her guitar. The button on the black circle immediately reminded me of a record. Love this card.

April said...

Both are beauties! Sorry it has taken me so long to get around!

Judy McMullen said...

OMG! Love how you cut out Bella to sit on the star...Very clever!!! Really, really cool card...It Rocks!!!!