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Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's All About ATTITUDE!!!

Oh my goodness! I have been tagged! :o)
My  friend Catherine presented me with a blog *ATTITUDE* award...eheheh
check her awesome blog here:
hummm...wondering if she knows me better than I even know myself...LOL *wink-wink*
                                         **Thanks Cat!** :o)

I'd like to recognize other blogger friends of mine with some 'Attitude' of their own...may that
be funny, caring,cheery, aggressive,spunky, all of the above, etc...make it anything your heart desires...
Ultimatly we ALL have a very creative attitude toward this wonderful 'paper hobby' of ours :o)
My 5 choices for this AWARD are the following wonderful gals :

Part of the fun is that each recipient MUST share 3 unknown (or little known) facts about herself.
Here are mine: 
*1* I THINK I'm a hoarder....and in deep need of decluttering my garage, crawl space etc....
heck, the whole household for that matter! *sigh* LOL
*2* I tend to buy presents for friends and family and then forget to mail away or  to give them :o(
(ditto with writing cards or recently found about a dozen of postcards written while in PV,Mexico, about  twelve years ago and never mailed!Same with a couple of Graduations cards ,written 4 years ago- and Sympathy cards,written 7 years ago...)
Presently I still have a couple presents to mail off....and I am ONLY eight months late!!
Yikesss!...Yup I am a forgetful-NUT-case alright! LOL *3* I like Languages,speak fluently both in Italian and English, some French and Spanish and ,recently ,re-brushing my ESL sign language skills.

*Here you have it folks!*....whach ya gonna do about it uh?!  Feel free to pass it on!...*wink*
*hugzzzzzz to ya allllllllllll*


Catherine said...

Teehee! You are so cute! Thanks for playing along with this. And I'm totally with you on the hoarding and forgetting to mail things.
((((HUGS)))) and thanks to your post, I now know Miss Carol has entered blogland - woohooo!

Terry Ladwig said...

Thank you for the honor Wingpit Sistah! The badge is on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

I'm LOL at the "forgetting to mail" one (#2). The first year my daughter was away at college I bought her a card for the big dates: new home (her dorm room), Halloween, Thanksgiving and on and on. I never mailed them. So at the end of term before she came home I filled them all out, numbered the envelopes in order to be opened and sent them all at once. She laughed her butt off and had fun with it. so yes, I can TOTALLY identify with that one.

Hugs Sweet P!

April said...

Thanks for the award, Sweet P....
Very true that I have AN attitude -wait, I mean-
My husband is with you on the mailing a plastic bag, hanging from his closet door knob, are cards he has 'forgotten' to give me on numerous occassions - maybe 2011 will be THE year!

Fabipasticcio said...

Of course your blog has attitude! You have it too.
Hugs and kisses

Imke said...

Thanks for the award Sweet P !! I added the badge on my blog. I´m always glad to "see" you on my blog. Hugs to you !!

Pink Diva said...

Thank you for the honor.

Ok 3 things about myself.
I make alot of cards yet I forget to mail them on others bd. LOL

2. I buy way to much scraping and card making stuff and then forget about it.

3. I am always fundraising, If it is not for my own cause it is for a cause in my area or helping others raise money for their course. I guess sometimes people see me and run so they can keep their money.