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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friends,Fun,Food & GLITTER!!! :o)

Well, this is my second attempt at posting today...I suppose my previous effort disappered in a puff of smoke...
Dislike it very much when that happens! *sigh*

Yesterday,I hosted a 'Christmas Stack-a-Thon at my house for a few friends with a creative mind who wanted to spend a few hours together  to create some fun, christmasey
 glittery cards, presented to us by Jacquie, my 'card Lady'.
I find it easier to pay my dues like anyone else ,and have someone else direct the creative day so that I too can partecipate and relax in a sea of glitter and blings:o)

We each made 12 cards *two of each of six designs*
My cards are a wee bit tweaked from the original version that Jacquie brought for us to case....I seem to want to add a bit of my own personality and ,in this case, a LOT of ....
guess what element...

*G*L*I*T*T*E*R* of course!!!! :o)
Of course there are some BLINGS too!!
Those too were added elements I couldn't do
Each picture can be enlarged for better viewing...Unfortunatly the photos are not the best,as they were taken late at night...*sigh* Lots more photos of the fun day with my local peeps...Good company,great potluck food (my hubby even made us home made creamed vegetables soup..yummoss!) The awesome huge chocolate cake you see is DA bomb!!! My friend Shelley makes it for me every year at about this time...*she's the one w/icing up her nose!! LOLOLOL* Yup,we're a bunch of goofballs...did I forget to mention that??? *grinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn*:o)  BTW:PLEASE DO NOT FORGET that this blog FIRST hop will start on Dec 1-3!!Tell your friendssssssss...*JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!*Thanks for visiting and blessings to you!

Oh my!! I am ADDICTED to these yummiliscious treats too!I beg my friend Kathy to make them all the time now!:o)



Unknown said...

It was a wonderfully fun, glittery, relaxing day. Thanks again , Paola. All the cards turned out beautifully.

~Paola~ said...

yeahh Linda aka bradleydecker! :o)
so glad U enjoyed the day too...*hugZ*

Melina said...

Great pics Sweet P! It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

I think my favorite of all the cards is the blue snowflake one! Great job :)

Fabipasticcio said...

Beautiful cards! From the pictures you show it's clear the working time has been fabulous.
Happy birthday my dear!
Hugs and kisses

Catherine said...

What a fab collection of cards! And it looks like you gals had a grand ol' good time!



:: BlueInks :: said...

Really creative cards, Ms P. It looks like you girls had a ball! My tummy rummbled looking at all of those treats - YUM!