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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Be Sooty

    Hello Everyone!
Taking the chance that Blogger is actually my friend tonight , yeahhhh!!
I can finally post my latest and simple little project for this month challenge.
Our miss October's hostess with the mostest is Barb and this is what she suggested us to do:

"...Here is the October Challenge--For me a true challenge is to try a new technique. So--that is going to be the challenge I propose to all of us.

Go to this link Technique Lovers Challenge Forum and chose a new technique to you that has a 1 or 0 in the challenge number--like TLC410 or TLC360 or any more current number (as I posed this challenge way back in January........................) The technique you pick should be one you have never tried before--and you can go back as far as you want in the forum in the posted techniques to find one to tackle. Please list the number and name of the technique you tried in your blog post. And--to make the challenge a bit harder--you cannot create a card this month! You need to think outside of the box and try a totally new technique along with a project that is anything but a card............... And--for extra credit--make a creation with a Halloween theme!.."

I explored quite a few possibilities from the link that Barb provided, but the 'soot' technique really peaked my curiosity , hence it had my vote...♥

TLC81 :

Soot Tecnique Tutorial :

               I kept this square box so simple that I didn't even add any embellishments to it....
The main front panel is solely about displaying the technique just learned.
I must say that I absolutely love this new technique! It's a tad messy but so cool too!

.....and here below is the unveiling of what I used as a I actually took
apart one of my asthma puffer's box and traced around it voila'....a new box treat riemerged... 

     Thank you Barb, for encouraging us to 'think out of the box' pun intended...:o)

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Halloween....hubby and I decided to treat us for dinner and then surprise our granddaughters...and hopefully we'll get to see our boyz right after school too....although I will actually be in my grade 7 grandson's class part of the afternoon for a pilate project involving Ipads! Exciting! Who would have thought I would be in his class -albeit only from time to time-
until project completion , and on Monday we're all off to a Field Trip to the Mac Store!...:o)



kiwimeskreations said...

Love your sooty box Sweet P - not only a great image. but a beautifully executed technique.

:: BlueInks :: said...

Just a great project! You were clever to use an existing box as a template. Everything turned out so spooky!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Paola, this is such a cute "outside the box" type of project. So creative and fun! Love your spooky house!!!

BTW, me-thinks you changed the background of your blog; am I right? I like!

Terry Ladwig said...

What a great project WPS!

That is a cool technique....but it does sound messy.

Love the box you created for your project too! Very crafty!!

Carol W said...

This is so darn cute. I LOVE well done as well. Great job on this challenge my sweet friend... ♥

MiamiKel said...

Oh my, how creative! What a fabulous idea to keep these discs in! I saw this technique but it scared me but you sure did an amazing job with it - well done!

Blessings to you and continued prayers for all those needing it!! <3

Darlene said...

This project is wonderful!! I'm loving that box, and will have to borrow your idea!

kadie said...

What a cute idea!! And of course your creations is fabulous! ♥

dweatter said...

Well now that's thinking outside of the box! This is great Sweet P and I must go read up on the technique. You have got me curious.