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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dueling Darling :Potpourri Leftovers ♥

Hello everyone ♥
I am one day late for the Dueling Darlings reveal...(still 11:11pm in BC/Canada!) lol
If you want to know more what Dueling Darlings are all about, you may check it here:

For the month of September, the challenge was to use a collection of all kits received since last January!  ♥ This genial idea came from our delightful dazzling Debbie
(aka lil dj in SCS world)

The dish: Know how we do our kits each month and we have LEFT OVERS? Each and every one of us probably didn't use every single thing in the kit, every single time!

The recipe: KEEP your extra items! That's right! From this month on, when you complete the Dueling Darlings cards, anything you DON'T use, keep it in a SAFE PLACE 6 months from now, after all the duels from all the divas and dazzlers have passed us by and September rolls around, that is what you will use! From the papers, to the ribbons, to the buttons to the all of left over, that will be your kit!

The Sit Down: The final result will be a collection all things not used, recycling at it's best! When you get ready to sit down and play with your paper and beyond, it will be from all the kits - or some of the kits - that you've gotten and will reuse for the September challenge

As I received each kit, I tagged them with each of the Dazzler's name and recycled an old envelope to keep them all together until needed. As you can see there is still a LOT
of goodies left for creating more cards in the future...
                                              ♥ Thank YOU Dazzlers! ♥

For my card, I remembered the 'strips' concept from another past DDD challenge of last year, and wanted to somewhat repeat it ...see link below :

This time though, I placed the designer papers strips vertically, using a total of 16 strips, two from each Dazzlers, thus formatting a colorful background, like a friendship 'blanket' to keep close to the heart to remind us what is important in life...♥
The wider grosgrain ribbon was leftover from April's kit and the dark pink grosgrain was from Debbie's kit. The pretty white flower was from Jeanette's kit and I added a few beads leftover from my own kit as well as the large pink flower petals. The front sentiment was cut out from Michelle's Irish's prayer from last March and propped up with dimentionals. A few more verses from same prayer are found on the inside of the card, as well as one of Debbie's sentiment at the bottom, which goes very well since this card is all based on lil piece from all of us ...


I hope you enjoyed my heartful interpreation of this FUN challenge...
God Bless Ya All...and now on to click the publish button
                                        before midnight rolls
                                                    G'Night everyone!! ♥



kiwimeskreations said...

Paola this is just gaw-juss. I love the card and the heartfelt sentiment behind it. A really masterpiece.

Terry Ladwig said...

Oh WPS this is awesome! I love that you had the same thought I did and used something from each kit!

Your card is great and I love the "friendship blanket" aspect! I do treasure the friendships I have made through this group of great ladies!

Love it ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Barb said...

Paola--this is a stunning card. I think it is perfect that you and Terry made a card with parts of everyone's kit--like a Friendship Quilt! Awesome Job!

:: BlueInks :: said...

I love how all of the different papers all go together - you made it work! Great idea.

I also rally like the ribbons and how you layered them.


dweatter said...

How smart of you to keep the kits from everyone labeled. Love the way you used all the Dp's. Great idea.

Love the card.

Melina said...

Lookie! Lookie! Lookie! You, April and I used the same pink flower on our DD cards this month! We are SOOOOOOO good! ;) I love your strips of paper!
And, might I say! Wow! Look how organized you are! I had to dig for my leftovers! You have yours all labeled and sorted! You Rock! :)

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Sweet P, your card is lovely!!! What an incredible way to use up bits of DP! Very clever!!!

MiamiKel said...

Hey when did you sneak this in ... loL! I did blog rounds and this lil one snuck in afterwards *wink!* SUPER creative - what a great way to use up all the leftovers! But what marvels me the most is your organization - baggies, names! YGG!! Mine were all in a Fed-Ex envie, ROFL!!! Big hugs!!

Carol W said...

Oh my goodness...what a great quilt?? told me you didn't...this is an amazing card and you did such a good job with the strips of paper and laying them rocked this challenge...way to go my dear friend...wonderful awesome card. I am so blessed that you took me under your swapping wing all the time ago...I am forever grateful for your friendship and inspiration!!!♥

paige said...

The background is just delightful on your card! What a fun group you belong to!

Judy McMullen said...

WOW! You are so amazing my dear friend and so is this masterpiece. I am so in love with how you created this card using the strips of d.p. from all the kits. The embellishments you used from the various kits are just gorgeous and so perfectly highlight all the elements of the card. And that sentiment inside and out...PERFECTION! YOU ROCKED THIS DUEL!!!

Judy McMullen said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how in awe I am of your organization with the kits over the last 8 months! You are amazing!!

April said...

I love how you added to the pink bloom! Wonderful card!

Sorry it took me so long to stop in! But I love you no less because of being tardy!

Darlene said...

Hooray that I can finally make the rounds! LOVE your creative use of the strips of DPs from each kit - very smart of you! the flower is really pretty so delicate. The sentiment on the inside is lovely also. Super job on this one!