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Monday, December 20, 2010

Forest's Friends

*click on any image,to enlarge*

FOREST FRIENDS is the theme of my superhostess friend Jeanette
-aka Forest Ranger- latest swap,recently ended.
Suggestion for the theme was to use any images displaying sweet,cute lil creatures one may find in the forest...thus the possibilities are ohh sooo endless...
I chose to use this lil sweet House Mouse image because we are now close to Christmas and I thought that perhaps he can bring some sparkly smiles and cheers to whomever may receive it. :o)

The trio above are a few extra cards I made for myself, using different DP since I finished off the original trees background that reminded me of a forest :o)

This next card was made -last year!- but sent off only recently *yikess!* to a special friend of mine who absolutly loves displaying a multitude of Christmas trees every single year.
Apparently this year she emebellished only 34 of them all over her house!! *smile*
She's such an inspiration to me, both as a card artists and spiritual leader....
This card was supposed to accompany a project
that was started with last Christmas in mind, but due to my unrealistic procastination problems, the project is still unfinished....
Definetly,I know what my new year resolution is gonna be as I welcome the new year in....*sigh*


Imke said...

Hi Paola, the Tree Card is fantastic. I like the different layer and the colors. I am NOT a fan from House Mouse images- Sorry Sweetie- BUT i like everything else on the card....the shiny star ....frame ;-))) HUGS to you

:: BlueInks :: said...

Great layouts for both cards, Ms P!

Judy McMullen said...

Gorgeous cards, Sweet P! I don't know how you do it all!!

MiamiKel said...

Ohhhhh my goodness, you crafty creative one! Look at that tree card - wowzers! All the bright, fun, whimsical colors (just my style, as you know, lol!) Truly a beauty! The lil housie mousie is divine - the tree branches look so real and lifelike, I had to look and see if it was real pine! :)

My friend, sending warm hugs your way this holiday season - you hold a warm spot in my heart and especially many prayers are yours daily with your dad and the events you have been juggling lately. May your Christmas be the merriest that it can be and I know you will make sure it is a joyous one - hugs and prayers and all things wonderful from our house to yours!! x0x0

Fabipasticcio said...

Carissima Paola, le tue creazioni sono sempre meravigliose e suggestive.
Un mondo di auguri a te e ai tuoi cari e uno special hug ai quattro raggi di sole!
Baci Baci

Rosetta said...

Che piacere rivederti e leggerti sul mio blog.
Un fortissimo e grandissimo abbraccione oceanico a te e Ciano !
Spero di sentirti meglio dopo le feste.
Mandi di cuore

Carol W said...

Oh wow.....great cards... I love the little mouse in the star and the Tree card is everything about it and so will your special are so creative and have such great ideas......great job on both cards!!!