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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Punched out Santa

Ohh Santa babyyyyyyyyyyy ♥
(how does the song go??) :o)
YES, I do know Christmas is OVER, but since I didn't have a chance to post some cards made last month
I decided that there is no better time than the present ...therefore this is one of them*wink*

This lil star shaped Santa card was made as a prototype to use as name-tags for my Christmas table...however I never finished my tags this year....I suppose I can look at it as being 'ahead' for next year already eh!? :o)

This cute idea was cased from uber talented Mothermark....I absolutly loved her original seen here:

Since I don't have the SU ornament punch to make Santa's face, I did what I could w/the punches I do have as well as nesties...I also decided to do his beard a bit different to which I addes some MS tinsel glitter...

Noticed the pom pom on top of Santa's card?? welllllll....let me tell yaaaa...
Some fun Christmas crackers may have them on the inside, perhaps attached to a wee gift??Then when U pull them everything comes out flying....including -in this case- some pom poms...
Yup...I do {{{HEART}}} recycling...and this is one perfect lil examples to which I added a dusting of glitter.....cute eh ? :o)

Now...look at these cuties....they were made with the intention to use them for gift tags OR even as tree ornaments...I know for a fact that my grandchildren realy like them, so I'm already thinking that, this summer, we will all have fun together making gift tags  and Christmas paper ornaments full og glitter!!
Of course I will make sure that this will be an OUTDOOR activity for sure!! LOL

The inside of the circled card shows a pretty (and glittery) sentiment from an
acrylic set I own, but have no clue as to who makes it :/

♥ I LOVE punch art....don't YOU?? ♥
Thanks for visitinggggggggggg....*mwahhh*
Sending ya all special blessingggsss, until next time.....


Rosetta said...

Bellissimi i tuoi lavori, come sempre.
Auguro a te e Ciano i migliori auguri per il nuovo anno, che sia migliore, prosperoso e sempre in ottima salute.
Un abbraccio

MiamiKel said...

Ohhhh cool play on words!! I'm rushing thru my blogger and stopped when I heard you punched out Danta!! (geeeegling!) I'm came running to loook and ooh so cute he is! Nice idea to be early, I missed many projects I had planned for this year. Blessins! Xoxo

Judy McMullen said...

Too cute! Love your punchy Santa!! Hmmm, I may have to CASE this one, Sweet P!

:: BlueInks :: said...

Really cute, Ms P! I love his face and the coloring you did on it. The idea to Stickle the swirls on the embossed star is a trick I will have to remember!

Melina said...

These are so very cute! I love the shape of Santa! Great job
When I first saw your title I thought you might have gotten a little upset at ole saint nick during the holidays and that we were gonna see some pictures of the "scene" giggle!

Darlene said...

Oh, these are darling! Your GKs will LOVE doing this later in the summer!! Outdoors is a great idea, though! Thanks for sharing my friend!