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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Tribute To Maurie MANNING ♥

                 Hello darling visiting  Peeps,
I recently created this card with the very vague intention to enter it for a contest....a veryyy special that a multitude of people would consider themselves lucky to enter...and for some elected few to win the ultimate 'prize'! Can you actually believe it that I, little 'ol me, even CONSIDERED, albeit for a few minutes suspended in time , to enter such sought after contest :
 With these thoughts floating in my mind , and with too much time in my hands lately, hence the surfacing of boredom , I decided to at least start with chosing an image....but WHICH ONE? 
You see I love ALLLLLL Mo's gorgeosly detailed immies....therefore chosing just one was not that easy....The title did help: 'Love Ya' !
Simple....right to the heart....a lovely message of infinite caring.....two lil words that ,sometimes, are
taken often for granted......'Love Ya'!......says it all.

Image chosen and colored and card starting to take shape on its own with the help of some cool designer papers and embossing folder....a touch here, a tuck there et voila' is done.

Then comes the time to actually fotograph the card, upoload it to the computer and check how much time there is left before 'THE' contest closes its doors for this time around.
Lucky meeee...I still had a good 20-30 mnts to decide before crunch time!! Then, boom....'what was I thinking?' duh!  :(
Too many uber talented, and better equipped gals to to do this....
At the eleventh hr, I did absolutley nothing.....did not sent in my picture for a thrilling opportunity to become one of Mo's Dream Team Gals.....
I need more time to help clear my mind....
and I'll accept that -once and for all- when opportunity knock at your not hide away...but go forward and enjoy the matter what IT may be!......♥

 As my second annual Exclusive Mo Manning full cards swap on SCS is winding down, 
see here:*mo-manning-cards-swap*-exclusive-original-due-may-13-2013-a-t567616.html

I'd like to thank Mo for her wonderful caring and support of my swap that I created with her name (and her permission too)...I wanted to thank her for her generosity and kind heart....but most of all I wanted to thank Maurie for the friendship that blossomed via  the exchanges of several mails, when ideas and changes were made together.... I know I have a friend in her.....*LOVE YA, MO *
            ** THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!!  ** GOD'S BLESS!!**

*To view Mo's beautiful cards' swap album please go here:


Barb said...

This card is amazing! You should have entered it Paola--you do need to give it a try next time........

MaxineD said...

Sweet P this is gorgeous - WHY did you not enter!! Love your colouring, and all the little details on the card.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautiful card Miss P! I love the coloring you did and that sentiment- so sweet!!!

Marilyn said...

Your card is gorgeous and I like the story. Next time, enter the contest... what's the worst that could happen? The very worst is that you didn't make the team but you aren't on it now so you lost nothing. Then... maybe the best thing would have happened! This time you considered, but next time you WILL!
I for one, love, love, love this card... it just makes me feel that big squeezy hug and it just exudes happiness!

Mo Manning said...

Awww, you are the sweetest, Paola -- even with all your health recently, you took on such a huge job! Your card is FABULOUS -- I still need to get to SCS to see the gallery!! xoxoMo

Anonymous said...

I think you failed yourself my friend, your card is amazing and I believe you would make a wonderful design team member. I say don't think act next time. You are very talented.


Carol W said...

This is so dang cute. I love the coloring and this image is just adorable. great job on this card and great choice of image.... :) ♥

:: BlueInks :: said...

Such a cute and pretty card! I love the special embellies and how you used the graduating pearls. Great job. Can't wait to see what you do when you enter the next time!