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Monday, January 17, 2011


* click on any pictures to enlarge*

Hello everyone, my good friend Vivian (aka blusky on SCS) is a perennial hostess of  many swaps, and one of them, is her recent 'Shape cards swap' in which all partecipants are nudged to make a card in any shape format they like ,therefore I decided to create my very own original fun snow-person. Well, my first attempt at it didn't quite fully satisfy me. The bottom left side looked too flat as you can see here below on  your left. Then I tried a different approach and liked the result much better. Made my own templates and voila'....a 'snow-diva' was born! :o)
The red cute round nose was made from recycling
Christmas crackers' round ties as U can see below  here.
Oh yessss, I do love recycling!!

Here's a group smiling picture for my opinion, they turned out rather cute :o) 

Lastly....individual pictures....say 'cheeeeeseee'!! LOL
I hope that the recipient like my original take on shaped cards.
I call these my 'shapely snow~divas' fits well don't you agree ?
Come back and visit again...I may have more fun things to show ya soon..... :o)
Ciao for now, with many blessings sent your way~~~~*


Gael said...

Paola, these are just ADORABLE!! So creative and I love that you are recycling, too!

Maria_G said...

Absolutely gorgeous, great cards.

T. Tiziana said...

Uffa!! mi metti in difficoltà!! dire sempre che son belli diventa noioso...cosa posso dire? ah ci sono!! che belli che sono!:-)
Dai che sei bravina lo sai, per il brava...devi conquistarmi con tanti tanti bigliettini:-)))
Daiii su lavora e pubblica, forza!! fa mò pulid!

Darlene said...

Oh, Paola, these are THE BEST!!!!!!! I love everything about them!!!
Maybe Forest should have a Forest Shape swap next time??
Seriously, these cards are brilliant! I just love their faces, how you embossed the circles first, recycled for their embellishments, everything about them!!!

Michelle said...

Absolutely adorable! I love all the elements of them.

Barb said...

so sweet Paola--and so creative! Love your Ladies!

djones said...

Sweet P, these are absolutely darling. Oh so clever!!! I love these cards. What a great idea to texture the snowballs. And their faces are adorable!!

April said...

How SASSY are these snow-women!! I adore them!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Oh my goodness...these are the most adorable shaped cards! I love the snowpeople!!! Too too cute!!!

BlueInks said...

These cards are really cute. The embossing lends great texture. The funniest part is the heart mouth!

Nancy said...

Paola, these little ladies are so cute, very nicely done :)

Susan said...

Oh Temptress, these are absolutely, positively ADORABLE! The embossing is fantastic, but I just LOVE their sweet faces! I am at a loss for words to describe these! BELLISSIMO! (did I spell that correctly? LOL!) Love ya! {hugs}